Nine New Paintings for the June 2012 Spring Dance Recital

Double Dutch Bus

Under The Big Top

Pink Flamingo
The 2012 5678 Spring Recital is Saturday and I am ready with new paintings to highlight some of the costumes for the dancers.  I love the way they came out. I realize just how far this small enterprise has come in one year, and how I create identity for the paintings as a group.  Last spring, I defined an order for the 12 paintings because I knew I was going to create a calendar so I list them everywhere now in "chronological" order.  In December, the 8 paintings were mostly dolls and toys so they made their way into my brain as a Santa's list.  For Spring, 2012, I am keeping up with them alphabetically.
Baby, Take A Bow
Fairy Tale Ballet
This time, I tried to incorporate more interesting background information in the paintings.  I either use the song or the suggestion of the costume as something going on in the painting.
There are nine paintings.  Eight were for the dance recital and I also did one for the piano recital which I entitled "Practice, Practice."  

As always, I have favorites.  I think my favorite of all time is one of the very first I did, "Twinkle, Twinkle."  My favorite at Christmas was "Wind Up Mouse."  And I have two favorites for this Spring:  "Jackpot" and "Pink Flamingo".  What is your favorite?

Practice, Practice

Under the Bridges of Paris


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