Knight Elementary Done!

Stone Mountain and the Laser Show
Snakes in the cafeteria!

The Georgia Aquarium
The Coca-Cola Museum
The Varsity
Another elementary school mural completed.  Rhonda and I spent 12 days at the Knight Elementary School cafeteria and made so many memories there.  After being there that long, being watched while the kids ate lunch every day, we felt like celebrities when the entire cafeteria shouted "Thank You!" as we said our goodbyes.  We received lots of hugs and gasps of appreciation from the children, and so many nice comments from the teachers, parents, and staff.  We love painting schools!  This cafeteria was over 100 feet of scenes from Atlanta including Piedmont Park, Zoo Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium, Six Flags, and Stone Mountain.  Here are a few pictures.

Zoo Atlanta
Thunder River at Six Flags


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