5678 Dance Studio's Christmas Recital

Music Box Ballerina
Tonight was the Christmas Recital at Lanier High School and the first look for all those dance moms and dads to see the new set of paintings I did specifically for the show.  Anne Marie and I love to keep it secret until their "unveiling."  Anne Marie selected seven costumes from the program and along with the paintings from the Spring Recital that have been hanging on the stairwell in the studio, I also displayed for the first time the Christmas ornaments.

The ones that sold!
And everyone confirmed what I had already figured out. The Christmas ornaments with pictures of the paintings on them were cute, cute, cute.  I sold 24 and quite a few of those from costumes from the Spring Recital.

Once the show started, I was able to sneak away from my table and watch the dancers from the back of the theatre.  Anne Marie sure knows how to get a collective "Aw!" from the audience with costumes, choreography, and little girls just being precious.  The Wind Up Mice were absolutely the cutest I have ever seen.  It's funny.  That painting was my favorite, too.  The big girls on pointe were great and I enjoyed watching them so much. (Yep, I'm a sucker for the prissy stuff.) Their hard work  showed in their effort. I had a great time!


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