Mulberry Elementary Mural Done!

Fairytale Castle

Princess and the Pea
The mural at Mulberry Elementary's Media Center is done.  The teachers, the media specialists, the students, and the principal gushed about the work we did day by day which always helps the spirit!  The mural took eight 10 hour days to produce and as always, the exhausting part is not the painting it is the standing on your feet for that period of time with just 30 minutes in the middle for lunch.  The mural(s) consists of fairy tales on one side and vignettes of the Dewey Decimal System on the other.  We hid the Gingerbread Boy in all the fairytale murals (there were 5) for the kindergarten who have a unit on it sometime during the year.
     Some of the bolder children would talk to us, thank us, compliment us.  The kids at Mulberry were the most quiet and polite I've ever seen in any school we have been in.
    A little boy walked with me to the cafeteria and said, "I see the library is being painted!" as if that was all he could think to say but wanted to say something.  The kids in line would wave to me and one time I even received a hug from a little girl.
U. S. Map
As I boned up on my U. S. history and geography to create the map an 8 or 9 year old boy said, "How do you copy out of that book so good?"  Rhonda encouraged all the kids who asked about art to "Keep Practicing."  But one little girl proposed to Rhonda that brown umber and alizarin crimson would probably be a good combination for the elephant's eye she was working on since elephant's eyes have red in them.  She also suggested that whoever did the transportation mural put a Bugatti Veyron in the picture.  Her family was very much "IN" to cars and her grandfather was some kind of racer.  I was going to look him up but have since forgotten his name. Her brother appeared at the bottom of my ladder a couple of days later and thanked me for putting the Veyron in the picture. "Though you didn't get it just right." he said.
Transportation Mural
     "The back end. Right?" I had seen the air things on the back but had chosen to ignore them.  I had anticipated I would get gigged for that.       "Yeah, you didn't put the things that suck the air out on the back, but the older model didn't have that so that's okay.  I thought you might put an EB10 in there." 
     I have since found out that an EB10 is another model of Bugatti. Also, the Veyron is the most expensive car on the market ($2.7M) and at top speed flies a mere 267 mph.  My goal was just to stick a car in the transportation mural and any car would have done. But anytime we get suggestions we try to incorporate them..

     In a week we start another mural in Knight Elementary's cafeteria. Scenes of Atlanta.  The Fox Theatre, the zoo, the capitol, Stone Mountain, etc. Another gigantic endeavor.  But we will pull it off, as we always do.  Rhonda knows how to make it happen and I am happy to go along for the ride.


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