Spring Recital

     I had a table at the 5678 Dance Studio's 2011 Spring Recital set up to sell the dancer costume paintings.  I went in having no expectations and was pleasantly surprised that they sold as well as they did.  After working from my imagination and pictures for so long, It was neat seeing the costumes in real life on the girl's and women performers.  And as people spotted the paintings, it didn't take long for them to recognize their dancer's costume.  I got a lot of really nice compliments, handed out lots of business cards and sold 11 canvases.  When I told Anne Marie this she said with a wave of her hand, "We will hang the rest of the canvases in the studio and they'll still be on sale, but you'll do better next year!'  So I am looking forward to next year already!  
     In the near future, I am going be working on marketing "my girls" in the form of Christmas ornaments, note cards and invitations, and a calendar.  It will be fun to see them in these different formats.
     After the recital, a little girl, a dancer, held the door open for me as I toted my paraphernalia back to the car.  Her dad ready to go home from the long day said, "Come on, Taylor, let's go!"
    Very purposefully, she said, "Just a minute, Dad.  I have to hold the door open for this awesome artist."
     I just love working around kids!


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