School Library Mural

My cohort, Rhonda, and I just finished a mural above the bookshelves of a school library. It is a 104' depiction of the Dewey Decimal System and some of it is included in the slideshow on Flickr for your viewing pleasure. It took 11 days and as always when we do schools, it was great fun.
One little boy uttered as he marveled at the tornado (in the weather section), "This is incredible!" Since we could tell he was into all things weather, I asked him if he was going to be a meteorologist. He said emphatically, "Yes, either that or a superhero."
Another, "I don't mean to disturb you ladies but you are doing a great job."
And still another as she accompanied her friend breathlessly down the wall to look at it at 90% complete, "My friend, Heather, gets very excited when she's looking at great art."
Collectively, the kids would gasp as they entered the room.
Yes, we had great fun. In a school, we feel like celebrities.


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